Design & Innovation at Queensmith

Where exceptional is accessible. Where modern manufacturing meets timeless craft. Where skill meets opportunity. Where quality is everything. Learn more about how we deliver the Queensmith standard our clients know and love.

Industry-shaking strides toward innovative & sustainable jewellery manufacturing

Innovation is paramount in our mission to make diamond jewellery accessible. We stand firm in our dedication to honouring traditional crafting techniques, while seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies to deliver efficiency, without compromising on quality.

Housing some of the finest minds within the historic Hatton Garden jewellery district, our team are engineering new ways to create engagement rings and fine jewellery at a price point that works for our customers, and a quality they can't resist. Plus, we're putting in more resource than ever to evolve our craft sustainably and ethically - because we're not just about making margins. This is fine jewellery with a conscience.

From Concept to Blueprint

The Future of CAD

Fine jewellery always starts with a blueprint. Or as we call it, CAD. But at Queensmith, we're taking CAD beyond its standardised format and using parametric modelling to increase efficiency - whilst never compromising on quality. This ensures we deliver highly accurate, sublime design while passing on price efficiencies to our customers. This is design that looks sensational, stands the test of time, and always reflects the Queensmith quality.

The best designs are not overdesigned - yet even the simplest forms require meticulous engineering to uphold style and longevity.

Alise | Product Designer & CAD Manager
Crafting Into Fruition

Harnessing time-tested tradition and unrivaled expertise

Witness a symphony of tradition and expertise within our workshops. Here, time-tested, traditional techniques are pushed to perfection, each delicate movement a testament to our unwavering dedication to exquisite craftsmanship. Because when it comes to crafting fine jewellery, nothing beats the human touch.

Setting The Standard

Achieving perfection on a microscopic scale

Microscopes are crucial to achieving the Queensmith standard in quality crafting. Whilst many manufacturing jewellers overlook the importance of setting diamonds under microscope magnification, our diamond setters are uniquely trained to do so. Our master crafters precisely cut and sculpt precious metal to a minuscule scale in order to securely set each diamond in our signature refined style.

Making waves with robotics

Our utilisation of robotic machine programming allows us to achieve exceptional quality while preserving the craftsmanship of our skilled craftspeople. By marrying robotics precision with the expertise of our goldsmiths and diamond setters, we enhance efficiency without sacrificing the craft. This collaboration ensures that each piece receives meticulous attention to detail, resulting in optimal output that exceeds expectations. While robotic machinery aids in the process, it's the mastery of our craftspeople that truly elevates our creations, imbuing them with a unique blend of precision and skill that defines the Queensmith quality standard.

Our unique decision to involve robotics in creating fine jewellery is pretty revolutionary. We're merging ultimate precision with the beauty of human craft. What could be better than that?

Robotics Engineer | Adam
A Sustainable Jewellery Future

Expanding Sustainably & Responsibly

While acknowledging the impossibility of 100% sustainable jewellery, we're unwavering in our commitment to lead by example and inspire positive change. Our latest endeavour, the Design & Innovation Centre, exemplifies this ethos, boasting sustainable materials and energy-efficient technologies. Partnering with a reputable European diamond lab, we guarantee the traceability and carbon neutrality of our exclusive "Grown by Queensmith" lab diamonds, engineered to our exacting standards and with known provenance. Our decision to keep crafting in-house isn't just about quality; it's about integrity. By eschewing mass production, we ensure zero waste, recycling even the tiniest gold and platinum remnants. Moreover, we take pride in our transparent workshops, where fair labour practices and a joyful, skilled workforce define our culture. We invite our clients to witness firsthand our in-house workshops and meet the brilliant minds behind everything we create. While perfection remains a journey, our dedication to sustainability fuels our determination to lead, inspire, and ultimately, redefine the future of fine jewellery.

Join The Team

Are you the next brilliant mind to join us?

From pivotal roles inside our Design & Innovation Centre, Workshops or Production Studio to our client-facing Sales team and more. Find the Queensmith role that's right for you, and become a part of the market-innovating team levelling up fine jewellery manufacturing.

What people do here is just brilliant. Clear in purpose and unique in their diverse and complementary talents, it's the perfect blend of passion meeting talent.

Pierre | Head of People