Why Choose Queensmith?


Why Choose Queensmith?

We offer finely crafted diamond jewellery that is great value for money while maintaining a quality of product and service that is second to none. When buying fine jewellery, we know clients' value experience and expert advice, have high expectations in terms of both quality and craftsmanship and want reassurances of knowing the provenance and origins of their diamonds.

Helping make educated, informed and value-for-money jewellery purchases is at the heart of what we do. Located in historic Hatton Garden, the Queensmith team of diamond experts and master jewellers have the skills, experience and creativity to help you select fine jewellery of enduring beauty to be treasured for a lifetime. 

If you are in the market for wedding bands or an engagement ring or if you are looking to mark a special occasion with a piece of fine jewellery, here are a few reasons we feel are so well placed to help. 


1: Expert Professional Advice

We are a business of gemmologists and master craftsmen. Offering comprehensive diamond consultations, our professional, qualified diamond experts will advise you how to optimise your budget to ensure your diamond strikes the perfect balance of size, quality and value for money. 

2: Handmade in Hatton Garden 

Our goldsmiths are masters of their craft. As all production is in-house, we have full control over product quality to ensure our jewellery keeps happy company with the worlds most recognised fine jewellery brands but at a fraction of the price.

3: Competitive & Transparent Pricing 

Following on from above, we understand the importance of offering both competitive prices and genuine value for money. Our pricing is always transparent. We don't offer false discounts or deceptive bargain prices. Based on like-for-like quality and diamonds of identical gemmological characteristics, expect to pay around half of what you would at brands like Tiffany, Cartier or DeBeers.

4: Lean Business Model  

We operate a lean business model and are unencumbered by sky-high rents, excessive overheads and extravagant marketing budgets. What's more, there are no brand premiums and we don't add excessive margins. Bring these together and it's amazing how far you can bring down prices.

5: Quality & Confidence

A keen price shouldn't mean compromise. We don't pay lip service to quality and our jewellery is made to be worn and to last. Numerous quality inspections are built in to our production process and for your confidence we guarantee our jewellery against any unlikely faults in materials or manufacture. 

6: Diamond Provenance 

The source of our diamonds and the manufacturing origins matter greatly. We have no tolerance for conflict stones, blood diamonds or anything with a murky past. Our exceptionally short supply chain not only allows the provenance of our diamonds to be verified, it also ensures our prices aren't impacted by stones changing hands through unnecessary layers of intermediaries. 

7: GIA Diamonds & Certification Safety Nets

All our loose diamonds are cut to the highest possible cut grade and independently certified by the world most respected diamond lab, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). At Queensmith we view the certificate only as a safety net for our clients, cherry picking only the finest stones for our inventory. We reject around 80% of the diamonds we're offered, selecting our diamonds on the merits of the stone rather than the stated certificate specifications. We never purchase diamonds unseen or from companies we neither know nor trust. 

8: Gemmological Consultations  

Buying advice is best offered by an expert rather than a sales person. Our diamond experts are qualified gemmologists, here to help you make an informed selection. During consultations we'll show you a range of qualities and use specialist gemmological microscopes to help you make meaningful comparisons. We typically sell diamonds loose, preferring to give you the choice of how the diamond is set. 

9: Extensive Choice

Queensmith hold an exceptional inventory of GIA certified diamonds. Regardless of budget, we'll have a selection of hand selected options for you to consider.  Our gemmologists will always work with you to optimise the buying power of your budget and to ensure the final design looks amazing.  

10: Design Inspiration

Design inspirations is something we have in abundance. Our extensive collection of engagement rings range from timeless solitaire rings through to statement halo designs. 

11: Bespoke & Specific Design Requests

With bespoke design accounting for around a third of of what we manufacture, we can help when there is a specific design in mind. While our in-house design team uses the very latest design technologies to cost effectively create one-off pieces, collection pieces can often be adapted or customised to create a design that's truly individual to the wearer. 

12: Resizing & Aftercare 

If you aren't sure of a ring size or its not a perfect fit we offer invisible resizing as part of our comprehensive after-sales service. To keep your ring looking like new and in perfect condition we also offer complimentary cleaning, repolishing, checking of settings and stone tightening. 

13: No Quibble Refunds & Exchanges

We want the end/ultimate recipient to love the jewellery we make. Recognising that they the ultimate consumer may not have been involved in the buying process we offer a no-quibble refund or exchange on all pieces ordered from our collection. 

14: No Pressure Selling

As the expression goes, choose your jeweller as you would your doctor. You need to be confident in the quality of the product and the skills of the jeweller. If you are after an initial consultation, you need more time or want to consider other options it's no problem, take as long as you need, ask as many questions as you like. We are here to help and go to great lengths to ensure you are always in the driving seat.