The Rise Of Rose Gold

Rose Gold Ring

Rose Gold Ring


Versatile, fresh and modern, the popularity of rose gold has seen a rightful surge over the last few years. Rather than an alternative to traditional yellow gold, it has become a classic in its own right. Providing a subtle hue that complements a range of styles, rose gold is a chic choice that fits in with contemporary trends and can be effortlessly combined with your current jewellery wardrobe.

What is Rose Gold?

Metal alloys are added to gold to provide strength, but they also deliver another attractive feature – colour. In the most basic terms, rose gold is a mixture of pure yellow gold and copper. The intense sunset orange of copper infuses the resulting metal with a warm pink hue. Varying the amount of copper in the alloy brings about lighter or more intense pink shades, but the results remain subtle and elegant. Occasionally, alloys such as zinc or silver are also included, as a way to play with saturation and tone.

Adding alloys to gold is necessary to create a workable material, and rose gold has been one of the three main choices for many centuries. However, apart from a brief heyday in nineteenth-century Russia, it remained a bit of an outsider choice. Rose gold finally began to gain the widespread recognition it deserved in 1920s America, after Cartier introduced its iconic triple-gold Trinity ring.

Now, as individuals continue to experiment with bold looks and exciting styles, rose gold’s adaptable nature and light-hearted charm is increasingly admired. Often included in mixed-metal designs and outfits, it provides a delicate pop of colour when layered on arms, necks and hands, but equally stands alone as a statement piece.

A quick glance around will reveal glimpses of rose gold not just in jewellers’ windows, but on the runway and in fashion collections too. Its popularity is not just limited to women’s styles, either – its unique warm colour gives a playful twist to men’s jewellery and watches as well.

Choosing Rose Gold for your Engagement Ring

At Queensmith Master Jewellers, we have started to see many more couples picking rose gold for engagement rings and wedding bands. As a metal choice, it combines versatility with individuality. It’s something a little bit different, but lends itself to vintage, classic and contemporary designs equally. Whether crafted into a modern statement piece or included in an intricate traditional style, rose gold is graceful, romantic and appealing.

What’s more, rose gold flatters its wearer. While yellow gold generally complements warmer skin tones, and silver is a popular choice for fairer skins, rose gold sits well on almost anyone. It provides a little timeless elegance however it’s worn, and whoever wears it.

Rose gold engagement rings and wedding rings are also a smart choice when setting a brilliant diamond or warm-hued gemstone, as the complementary tones will exhibit these stones at their absolute best.

Ultimately, this is a romantic, contemporary and individual metal choice. There are no rules for how you should wear rose gold – mix colours, play with styles, and create something that communicates your unique personality.


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