Meet The Proposers

Stately Home Proposal by The Proposers - Photo Credit 'SanShine Photography'

Stately Home Proposal by The Proposers - Photo Credit 'SanShine Photography'


How did they propose?

The British are known for a natural reserve, we’re not very good at expressing our emotions and yet when it comes to proposing we put immense pressure on ourselves to come out of our box and embrace romance!  It’s a moment many might dream about, so it must be perfect, right?  Yes! Whenever a friend gets engaged what is the first question we all ask… you guessed it ‘HOW did they propose’?!

At Queensmith Master Jewellers, helping clients make educated, informed and value-for-money engagement ring choices is at the heart of what we do. But, when it comes to proposing, there is a team of specialists out there who can help you!

Who are the proposers?

We invited Daisy Amodio of‘The Proposers’, an expert proposal planning agency to visit us in our London workshop. They do the planning for you, all you have to do is pop the question. 

Daisy Amodio - 'The Proposers'

Daisy Amodio - 'The Proposers'


Working as a proposal expert, Daisy organises proposals for her clients and she works hard to ensure every desire is met, within budget.  From being papped like a celeb, to even being part of a fake drug arrest (!) Daisy can arrange your proposal for you and advise you on how best to deliver those four important words. 

If you go too grand with your proposal it might seem too out of character, but woe betide anyone who doesn’t make enough effort as you’re risking becoming a statistic warns Daisy as ‘75% of women are disappointed with their marriage proposal story’, not a group you wish to be part of.  

So, it’s all about finding the right balance but where do you start? And more importantly what can you do to receive that ‘wow’ reaction from your loved one.  

Their 5 tips for the perfect proposal:


Before the event this might seem a little unnecessary, but you should record your proposal. Ask a friend to record from a distance or set up a secret camera to do this.  You’ll love watching the moment back together and you might even show your grandkids one day.  We love to share on social media and this way your family and friends can share the moment with you both.


Find a location meaningful to you both. Maybe there is a pub you went to time and time again?  A favourite park?  The venue of your first date?  Take your time to consider how you will make the venue work for you, where will you be and time of day etc.  Busy locations will offer interest from passers by, this could make your moment more memorable but only if you’d both enjoy the attention.  If not head for a more private location. By taking your time with these details it will make the moment memorable for you both.


What is special to one person might not be to another.  If they have hay fever, don’t head to a field of flowers. I think you get the idea. Tailor the experience for your partner making it special for them. Remember you know it’s coming but for them it will be a big surprise! Find something personal to you, keeping to the path you have travelled together so far.


A much overlooked and some might say tired tradition, but the respect you will gain from your future in-laws will never be forgotten. Find a time to speak with them before the big day. They will be able to offer advice and help yourconfidence grow as the day draws closer.


Worried about losing the ring through customs? Wish you could have a special song played? By hiring a planner you remove the stress from your big moment and get access to a supporting cast! All you need to do is turn up. 


All in all, we say you should enjoy it! You only get to do this once so embrace the romance and be yourself, they love you, you love them what could go wrong?! (just don’t lose the ring!) 

Our diamond experts and master jewellers have the skills, experience and creativity to help you select the right engagement ring to be treasured for a lifetime. If you’d like to get in touch with us and discuss your proposal make your appointment here:

If you’d like to get in touch with Daisy and The Proposers you can find them here:

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