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Photo Credit Catherine Frawley

Photo Credit Catherine Frawley

Lifting the Shroud on Perfume Creation

‘A creative perfume studio and micro-lab’. The brainchild of Emmanuelle Moeglin, Experimental Perfume Club truly is one of a kind. In fact, it is London’s first and only open-access perfume studio, and includes Tatler and Country & Townhouse among its fans. The expert team help visitors to create their very own perfume, providing the knowledge, materials and tools to create stunning scents to suit every personality. Whilst the world of perfumery has remained largely shrouded until now, Experimental Perfume Club aim to deliver the art of mixing, matching and creating unique scents to all, to ‘empower people to rediscover their sense of smell’ and find the fragrance truly right for them.

Expertise on Hand

Before founding the club in 2016, Emmanuelle trained and worked as a fragrance expert and perfumer for 12 years, starting her journey at the prestigious ISIPCA in Versailles. What is so loveable about Emmanuelle’s creation is the passionate encouragement of perfumery as an art form - perhaps we take for granted the ready made perfumes we’re so used to, unaware of the art, science and expertise that goes into them. During experiences at Experimental Perfume Club, you’ll get to know the ins and outs of what goes into scent creation - as Marie Claire said, ‘you’ll leave understanding the olfactory world and even your own tastes a little better.’

The open studio in Hackney  @experimentalperfumeclub

The open studio in Hackney @experimentalperfumeclub

Founder Emmanuelle Moeglin. Photo Credit  Experimental Perfume Club

Founder Emmanuelle Moeglin. Photo Credit Experimental Perfume Club

Where art meets science  @experimentalperfumeclub

Where art meets science @experimentalperfumeclub

Get Hands On

There are a number of ways fans of fragrance can enjoy all Experimental Perfume Club has to offer. From £95, individuals (or teams of two) can spend half a day delving into the world of scent with a hands-on workshop, learning the basics of perfumery, playing with a selection of perfume ingredients. Le Petit Parfum experience ensures you a one-to-one lesson with a perfumer to blend your own signature scent, with a 50ml bottle to take away on the day. If you're stuck on what to get your husband-to-be for a wedding day present, or looking for sophisticated hen party ideas, this could be your solution. As lovers of all things bespoke, we think creating a scent yourself to give to loved one is something super special.

We love the packaging and branding that accompanies Experimental Perfume Club - think Aesop vibes, coloured glass bottles with droppers and medicinal style labels. As expected, the trendy brand has become increasingly popular amongst Londoners in the know, with a stand at Stylist Live, and features in Marie Claire, Wallpaper* Magazine and the Evening Standard.

The sweet bottles of  @experimentalperfumeclub

The sweet bottles of @experimentalperfumeclub

The minimalist packaging we love  @experimentalperfumeclub

The minimalist packaging we love @experimentalperfumeclub

Choose from a range of scents to blend  @experimentalperfumeclub

Choose from a range of scents to blend @experimentalperfumeclub

Important Info

Certain sessions and workshops are by appointment only, so check out the website and get in contact to book your experience. The space is open Tuesday to Fridays from 9.30am until 5.30pm, and from time to time opens evenings and Saturdays for workshops and open lab sessions. Check their website for more.

4 Netil Lane, London, E8 3RL

075 8700 3654


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