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Present & Correct’s endeavour to bring the height of design to our everyday stationery needs began in 2009. Whilst many of us harbour a love for all things stationery, we’ve got to admit that the pens, paper and various office utensils we’re used to are all but a little lacklustre. So Present & Correct set themselves a mission: ‘we hope to spark a distant memory, make you smile or look at the most mundane in a new, and fonder, light’. And almost 10 years on, that’s just what they do.

Nostalgic & Refined

The two masterminds behind Present & Correct are graphic designers who, since the early ages of their school years, have had an obsession with stationery. With a radical approach to curating the best in refined and nostalgic design, Present & Correct are putting the cool air of retro office supplies back into our daily lives, one paperclip at a time. Alongside their graphic design work, the duo go on sourcing trips around four times a year, searching for the best in vintage stationery and household bits and bobs. ‘The hunt is a lot of fun!’, say the pair, ‘the rest of the time we think of new ideas, eat a lot and generally have a nice time’.

Beauty In The Everyday

Present & Correct have a strong and recognisable aesthetic - just check their Instagram feed: there is beauty in everyday things, particularly when they’re as well designed as the items the pair have curated over the past few years. At Queensmith, we’re partial to retro pastel tones and modernist design, so browsing through their online stock is heaven. A gift from Present & Correct is the perfect way to impress friends and family members with a penchant for creating, designing, writing and letter sending, or those who simply love a good ol' bit of stationery. And don’t feel like you can’t spend hours looking through notebooks, pencils and paperclips for yourself, too - you so can. We love these Two Tone Notebooks from £10, super fancy Brass Clips for £4.50, and how handy is this Calendar Rubber Stamp? And all so stylish. So shop away, and curate a desk space to be envied by all who see it.

Important Info

The Islington based store is open Tuesday to Saturday, 12 - 6.30pm.

23 Arlington Way, London, EC1R 1UY


020 7278 2460

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