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As a nation, we're more obsessed with plants than ever. Interior trends tell us to fill every corner with something green, to bring the outdoors in and enjoy all nature has to offer. Fjura do so with a stripped-back, unusual approach to flower arranging.

Natural Simplicity

In 2015, founder Simone Gooch uprooted her Sydney-based florist, Fjura, and moved to London. She brought with her a manifesto to challenge the ‘English country garden’ look the UK’s floral formations had become so obsessed with, and bring a fresh, contemporary take on our otherwise monotonous displays. With a client list spanning the likes of Chanel, Hermes, Vogue and Glossier, Fjura has well and truly established itself as a firm fashion favourite. Why does Fjura stand head and shoulders above its competitors? That may be to do with the unusual and somewhat underrated decision to keep flower arrangements minimal: let the individual flowers be seen in all their glory, refrain from the urge to build up a bouquet, and consider each detail from the shape of the stem to the span of the petal. A Fjura flower arrangement is born.

‘I look at the shape of the flower, the shape of the stem, and the way it bends. I think it’s important that the shape of the stem works with the arrangement, rather than against it, so that it feels natural. I find it is important to allow space around the flowers, so they can speak for themselves.’

- Simone Gooch


Sculptural Flower Displays

Whilst Fjura has become popular amongst the world’s biggest fashion houses, the florist also dresses private functions and weddings, topping Vogue’s 2017 list of London’s best florists and the Evening Standard’s favourite wedding florists. The signature Fjura look will not be for everyone, but those looking to impress with a striking, unique and stripped-back floral display at their wedding should take note: Fjura challenges the idea of an ‘arrangement’, making the most of the natural architectural, sculptural beauty of individual flowers. That does not, of course, mean clients can’t put in their two-cents - the bespoke service can cover everyone’s floral needs and adapt to personal taste, from ‘hand delivered flower gestures to large installations.’


Style Match

At Queensmith, we're super design conscious. We love to help people find the best jewellery styles for them, particularly when it comes to brides and the rings they'll be wearing day in day out.  If you love the simplicity of Fjura's floral designs, here are some wedding rings you might take a shine to.


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