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Beginning her bridal design career in the creative hub of Hackney, East London, Andrea Hawkes spotted a gap in the market for refined, simple and elegant wedding dresses for today’s bride. With a showroom now based in a cool Clerkenwell enclave, the brand is becoming increasingly popular with London’s design conscious brides.

The Minimal Bride

Andrea Hawkes’ inherently unfussy collections of gowns and two pieces take inspiration for minimalist design from the 20th century, choosing the most popular shapes and clean lines from the 1920s through to the 1970s. The outcome is, however, intrinsically modern: the perfect balance between contemporary design and a timeless finish. Andrea’s intricate knowledge of fabrics has been key to the success of the business and her dresses. In conversation with The English Wedding Blog, Andrea explained,

"I love muted tones and soft fabrics that feel amazing, as well as subtle textures and layering fabrics. Heavy crepe satins cut beautifully and sand washed Italian crepes feel incredible. My work also features French lace – not your obvious floral choices but interesting patterns. I adore structured fabrics as well as fluid, draping fabrics like silk georgette."

A Personal Touch

When choosing a designer to make your wedding dress, trust is an important part of the process - will the dress fit me and sit in well in all the right places? Will the colour of the fabric complement my skin tone? And will the dress be comfortable enough to spend a whole day (and night) in? Testimonials from Andrea Hawkes’ clients are a credit to the expertise and professionalism, as well as friendliness, behind the service the team provide. Many of Andrea’s brides found the service after searching for ‘minimalist wedding dresses’, having grown tired of the overly fussy and extravagant gowns they had seen elsewhere. With the average Andrea Hawkes client, a less ‘bridal’ and more ‘me’ dress is vital - and with fully bespoke and made-to-fit services, Andrea is able to make one-off pieces or alter her various designs to suit each individual.

The story of one particular bride, Alinde, perfectly encapsulates the personal touch of Andrea Hawkes. As a woman that didn’t usually like wedding dresses, the boutique provided the perfect alternative. In this instance, Scandinavian inspired minimalist design was important, as well as consuming in a sustainable way. It was therefore decided a simple two piece would work well, where the top and skirt could both be worn for years to come in the future. As Alinde explained, ‘I really felt that my personal style was captured and expressed in the design of the dress.’ We think every bride should feel like themselves on the big day.

Style Match

At Queensmith, we're super design conscious. We love to help people find the best jewellery styles for them, particularly when it comes to brides and the rings they'll be wearing day in day out.  If you love Andrea Hawkes' simple designs and clean lines, here are some wedding rings that we think could match your style.


Important Info

The Clerkenwell boutique is open 10am until 6pm most days, or 12pm to 8pm on Thursdays. The showroom is closed Sunday and Monday. 

65 Amwell Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 1UR


020 7837 0759

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