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In this edition of Proposal Stories, we hear from Becca Jordan, Creative Director and Founder of House of Three - weddings, interiors and styling specialists. 

The Girl Upstairs

Rather than the girl next door, I was the girl upstairs. However despite living above Josh, it was almost 9 months before we actually met - whilst I was taking my bin out. I’d purposely waited at the top of the stairs hoping to miss whoever it was that had left just before me. But as Josh was stretching outside before going on a run, I bumped into him anyway, bins in tow. 5 days later we went on our first date, and the rest they say is history. We’ve now been together for three and a half years.

A Muddy Proposal

Josh asked my dad for permission to marry me in November (5 months before he actually proposed), and went about his search for designing the perfect engagement ring. (Queensmith here he comes!) Quite a task for him, as we had actually never spoken about getting married, let alone what type of ring I might like. However being a luxury wedding planner, my Instagram page gave him a little bit of a help towards what style might be right for me.  

Having just turned 27, Josh had booked a trip for my birthday to Babington House, a venue very close to my heart. I’ve planned many weddings, but it was one wedding that I planned at Babington House back in 2015 that made me fall in love with wedding planning. And it was that wedding that made me realise I wanted to plan weddings for the rest of my life. Following the Babington House wedding, I set up my own wedding planning company House of Three. Although as a qualified Interior Designer, we also design luxury interiors too. Babington is therefore incredibly sentimental to me, and as Josh thought that Babington House would be out of the question for our wedding, he’d booked my birthday trip there with the intention of proposing too.

Asking if we’d like to have a walk up to the chapel before dinner the day we arrived, which I didn’t find weird at all as he’d never seen it, he began to compliment how beautiful the venue was, and how beautiful it would be as a wedding venue. He told me that one day he’d like to marry me, and I agreed. Turning around to look at him, he was down on one knee, and my first comment was “You need to get up, the floor is wet and your jeans will get muddy” - talk about taking the romantic out of it all by worrying about potential grass stains! Lots of ‘Are you sure’s’ and him asking me to be quiet, forgetting the prepared speech, he asked me to marry him.

We are just finalising our wedding venue now….and it’s going to be Babington House!

Photo by Allister Freeman 

Photo by Allister Freeman 


All About The Ring

Josh opted for the timeless Classic Kelly engagement ring. The design is a take on our popular Classic Oberon design, but instead of using a round halo, uses a square halo. This gives the illusion of a square centre stone, but by using a round brilliant cut instead, the ring is sure to be a sparkly as possible. Many worry about getting their partner's ring size wrong, but this really isn't something to worry about as we offer a complementary resizing service post-proposal. We are, however, pretty good at guestimating..  'Brett managed to guess my ring size based on a photograph of my hand. The ring fits perfectly!' 

We think Josh chose just the right engagement ring for Becca. Congratulations to the couple!

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