King of Thieves - The Hatton Garden Heist Film

King of Thieves, out in cinemas Friday 14th September

King of Thieves, out in cinemas Friday 14th September

On 14th September, cinema’s up and down the country will be opening doors for the film everyone in this part of town has been waiting for - King of Thieves, the tale of the retired crooks that pulled off the 2015 Hatton Garden heist.

The gang of ‘Diamond Wheezers’ is portrayed by a suitably stellar cast, from Jim Broadbent to Paul Whitehouse, and Michael Gambon to Ray Winstone (obviously). And who better to star as Brian Reader, the group’s ring leader and mastermind, than seasoned-heist-star Michael Caine?

Following the actual events, which took place over the long Easter Weekend in 2015, the gang shot to fame as their identities were discovered, one crook at a time. Described to be the ‘largest burglary in English legal history,’ with around £200 million of jewellery, gems and precious metals stolen, the British public were shocked to discover that most of the crooks were in their late 60s and 70s. As the RadioTimes reported, 'the group of unoccupied and bored pensioners consulted a series of how-to books to plan their final job on April 2015, one which police initially believed to be undertaken by a gang of super-thieves.'

One of the gang members, Danny Jones, reportedly said, “if we get nicked at least we can hold our heads up that we had a last go.” Upon searching Jones' house, police found a £20 receipt for a 'bypass tool,' used for bypassing locked doors, along with a copy of 'Forensics for Dummies'. Oh, the irony. Nevertheless, the cunning group's savvy ways resulted in the Metropolitan Police's Flying Squad conducting a manhunt that only came to a close in March this year, when the last unknown gang member, known as 'Basil', was finally arrested. 

Watch the full trailer for King of Thieves below, and get your cinema tickets booked ASAP. We'll certainly be hitting up the cinema come Friday 14th!


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