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Engagement Ring Trends to Define 2022

Written by India Charter
December 20th, 2021 • 6 min read

Our design experts share their favourite choices for engagement rings in 2022 - from the innovative, sleek, sharp and chic to the timeless styles we keep coming back to, year on year.

Explore the best engagement ring trends in 2022, and take a look back at some of our celebrity ring favourites from yesteryear - that we’re certain will have a big influence on this year’s hottest ring styles.

Update 01/2023: Discover the trends to watch out for in 2023 with our Engagement Ring Trends 2023 Report.

Toi et Moi Diamond Rings

Custom pear & princess duo ring

Em Rata’s engagement ring is without doubt one of the most influential of recent years - and we’re already seeing ring shoppers looking to recreate the style. It’s bold, fresh and fast becoming a contemporary classic, boasting style and an edgy elegance. The style is a modern take on the toi et moi style, in which two diamonds sit side by side to represent ‘you and me’, - or rather, you and your partner.

We adore Emily’s pairing of a sharp edged princess and rounded pear, but why not consider different shapes that work for you? Ariana Grande’s recent engagement was celebrated with a large oval diamond and round pearl. Other diamond pairs that will work well together: Asscher and pear, cushion and marquise, emerald cut and round. The secret is to find one elongated diamond, and one square or rounder diamond.

Where can I buy a ring like Emily Ratajkowski’s? Queensmith’s bespoke rings service enables you to recreate or invent the styles you love - the setting for a custom toi et moi ring is around £900, the remainder of your budget to be split between the two diamonds.

Classic Solitaire Diamond Rings

Loren solitaire

Bardot solitaire

Solitaire diamond rings top engagement ring trend lists every year - the timeless, classic style will always be popular. While innately minimalist, there is a plethora of styles to choose from for your solitaire ring. Go classic with a six claw design, or a little more contemporary with four claws. The ultimate way to create a modern solitaire ring? Choosing a rubover setting or compass claws - whereby the claws sit at the North, East, South and West points of the diamond. A small detail so something a little more unusual!

It’s impossible to go wrong with a solitaire ring. The most popular diamond shape for rings in 2022? Always round. Then, oval - just like supermodel Jasmine Tookes' yellow gold oval ring. We’ve seen a massive rise in the demand for oval diamonds, due to their increased spread and elongated shape which, carat for carat, mean they look bigger than rounds. That said, take time to ponder the right diamond shape for you - they all look good set as a solitaire so find what’s right for your taste.

A cute design detail we’ve seen creeping up in popularity is the ‘triple claw’. Where one claw would typically sit, instead, find three.

Bespoke triple claw oval solitaire

Oval Bardot solitaire

Marquise Diamond Rings

Bespoke marquise solitaire

The marquise diamond is the perfect answer for those seeking simple style with an alternative edge. The unique diamond shape is modern and striking, yet perfectly suits classic and timeless styles - from trilogy rings to solitaires. The marquise diamond leans into the Modern Deco style so popular with 2022 engagement rings - bold shapes, minimalist designs with alternative edge.

Still hugely under-represented in the engagement ring world, the marquise diamond is one of the lesser-chosen diamond shapes. While Jodie Turner-Smith recently became engaged with a marquise diamond, few big-names sport them and the shape remains a super alternative choice for those after something a little different.

Bespoke split shank marquise solitaire

Bespoke marquise trilogy

A simple three stone marquise ring or an even more refined solitaire is the ultimate design for the marquise diamond. Borrow from another 2022 engagement ring trend - the split shank - for an enriched alternative look for your marquise ring, and add another enchanting Modern Deco design element with yellow gold.

Scallop Diamond Band Rings

Oval Bardot Scallop ring

Bespoke six claw ring

The solitaire ring has been the most popular style since the dawn of engagement rings - but step up the scallop diamond band ring, a staple ring style for 2022 and beyond. Engagement rings with diamonds set along the band are becoming more of a contemporary classic day by day, and Queensmith has seen scallop bands in particular, soar in popularity.

Round, oval and the increasingly popular shape, radiant, are topping our lists of diamond shapes to choose for this sweet style, while platinum is the most common choice to keep each diamond bright and icy.

Travis Barker wowed the world when he proposed to Kourtney Kardashian with an extremely sizeable oval diamond, believed to be around 12 to 14 carats, complete with a thin scallop set diamond band. Recreate the look with Queensmith's Oval Bardot Scallop.

If you’re looking for ways to customise your diamond band engagement ring, consider creating a bespoke ring with a hidden halo, diamond set bridge, or even diamond set claws. These small, sentimental details are an on-trend way to make your ring even more you.

Trefoil Diamond Rings

Perhaps a term you haven’t come across before, a trefoil ring features three little diamonds either side of the centre stone, and can be a beautiful alternative to the classic trilogy ring design. The small cluster of diamonds either side of the centre diamond could be the same size and shape, or a mixture, typically set in a triangular style that tapers away from the centre stone.

No need to stop at three side stones - nor follow the typical trefoil design. Design a cluster of little diamonds of varied sizes in a style that suits you. For something classic, choose a round or oval centre diamond with two little round diamonds stacked either side, and another round or pear diamond either side of that.

Matching Bridal Ring sets

As more and more couples reach a mutual decision to get married (therefore forgo the usual surprise proposal), more and more women take lead (or co-lead) on their ring designs. Because of this, we’re seeing more women design their engagement and wedding rings at the same time, rather than waiting a few months before the wedding. Complete engagement and wedding ring sets are increasingly popular in 2022 - whether you’re opting for a simple wedding band to sit alongside a classic engagement ring design, choosing a shaped wedding ring to wrap around your engagement ring, or a completely bespoke duo.

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