Designing Your Own Bespoke Engagement Ring: Where to Start

 Bespoke trilogy setting with twisted band featuring pear shaped diamonds and an oval yellow diamond centre stone

Bespoke trilogy setting with twisted band featuring pear shaped diamonds and an oval yellow diamond centre stone

Designing your own engagement ring is a heartfelt way to show your appreciation of your partner, to prove how well you know them and dedicate time and passion into the ring she’ll wear forever. Since Prince Harry famously created Meghan Markle’s engagement ring, a demand for bespoke services has risen. And it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. Here’s how to design your own bespoke engagement ring.

Browse, Browse, Browse

Inspiration is all around, even when you aren’t looking for it. From people watching on your commute, to the jeweller you walk past everyday, there are plenty of sources to take note from. Search Instagram hashtags such as #SheSaidYes and #EngagementRingGoals or look on the websites of popular jewellers and jewellery brands to see what takes your fancy (and don’t forget to clear your browsing history…).  Creating your own design is a creative way to reflect both of your personalities, but that doesn’t mean the creation has to be a totally new idea, and you don’t have to become a jewellery designer yourself. Borrow from vintage designs or add flourishes from rings you’ve seen elsewhere. The beauty of bespoke is that you can add and detract whichever elements you like or dislike to produce the ultimate ring for you.

Define A Budget

Work out how much you’re willing to spend, and we can help you work out what you can get for your money. Optimising budgets is our forte. The good news is, your money will go further with a manufacturing jeweller like Queensmith. With a workshop and expert jewellers on hand in our Hatton Garden showroom, we’re able to minimise costs whilst maintaining the highest of quality by producing jewellery on site.

Recycling Heirlooms

A bespoke design can be a fantastic way of reusing old heirloom diamonds and jewels, whilst also offering your bride-to-be something new and personal for her. Take into consideration the stones you have and, if any, which stones you might like to add. Diamonds are incredibly individual, with their own little characteristics, inclusions and identities, which is why presenting your partner with a new diamond is an affectionate idea, and makes the experience all the more personal. In some instances, we can incorporate stones from your personal collection but you'll need to discuss this during your consultation. Prince Harry similarly chose a new diamond from Botswana to impress Meghan, adding a sentimental touch with two accompanying smaller diamonds from his mother, Princess Diana’s jewellery collection.

 A bespoke design, using recycled sapphires and new melee diamonds

A bespoke design, using recycled sapphires and new melee diamonds


Discuss Any Potential Issue With Your Jeweller

Draw up your design or take a selection of ideas to the jeweller to discuss what’s possible and what will look amazing. There’s lots to consider here, from your partner’s job to her lifestyle and hobbies. Of course, her style is the main determinator - does she like minimalism or maximum sparkle? White diamonds, sapphires or emeralds, or even a coloured diamond? Yellow diamonds and pink diamonds can add fantastic character to an engagement ring. You’ll be able to gauge an idea of this from what jewellery she already has. Perhaps she has commented on others’ rings - and listen out for any hints she may have dropped!

If she is relatively active or has a job which requires her to wear latex gloves or use her hands a lot, such as a doctor, a protruding ring might not be the right style! It is also important to consider the wedding band that will eventually sit alongside the engagement ring; most people will want the rings to sit flush next to one another for both comfort and aesthetics. At Queensmith, our design consultants ensure that every ring designed is refined to perfection. We are able to CAD any design and produce a wax model before any final decisions are made, to ensure the design is what you're after.


Think About Metal Colour

A wise way to choose metal type is to check what’s already in her jewellery box. Many people have an affinity for one metal colour in particular. We’re predicting yellow gold to be super popular in 2018 thanks to Prince Harry’s bespoke design for Meghan Markle’s engagement ring, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Rose gold can be a beautiful alternative to the mainstream (we might also add that a pear diamond with rose gold is the epitome of beauty, not that we’re biased). Whilst many ask for white gold, platinum is an equally beautiful and much more durable alternative.

Take Time into Consideration

At Queensmith, we usually need around 4 weeks to create a bespoke design. This is because we want the best finished product for you, so we put in the hours to make sure the ring will last a lifetime. There have been times when clients have needed the ring sooner, and we’re happy to say we never miss a deadline. That being said, the craftsmanship that goes into a bespoke design will take more time than ordering a mass produced ring. And believe us, it’ll be worth the wait. It may also take you longer than you'd expect to decide upon a design!

Personal Touches

Are there touches you could add to make the design more personal and meaningful? Perhaps an inscription of a phrase that means a lot to the both of you, or the date you met. Does she have traits or interests that we could encapsulate in the design, such as a butterfly or flower halo for nature lovers? The world is your oyster!

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 A pear halo, butterfly wing shoulders and unique yellow gold design using intense yellow diamond and white marquise diamond detailing

A pear halo, butterfly wing shoulders and unique yellow gold design using intense yellow diamond and white marquise diamond detailing

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Whilst we may be mad about your ring, and you feel chuffed with your design, there is always a chance it won't be exactly to the recipient's taste. If is therefore important to choose a jeweller with adequate measures in place, in the event your ring design isn’t loved. At Queensmith, we promise to remake your ring or offer your money back should such a problem arise. Make sure you check this in store with your sales representative, for peace of mind. In terms of quality, Queensmith are able to ensure you get the best of the best. Queensmith only use GIA certified diamonds, which are the most harshly graded diamonds out there, ensuring the best cut, clarity, carat and colour for your money.

If you’ve got creative ideas circulating, or want to discuss the design of a bespoke engagement ring further, book an appointment at our Hatton Garden showroom to meet with the experts. Bespoke isn’t for everyone, so we’re also able to tailor our catalogue of designs to suit your needs.

Quick Top Tips for Choosing a Diamond


For peace of mind - Choose a hand selected GIA certified diamond

To optimise your budget - Compromise on diamond clarity first

For the ultimate sparkle - Choose a round brilliant excellent cut diamond

For pure natural beauty - Choose a colourless diamond (D-F colour)




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