Nail The Latest Bridal Manicure Trends


Just when you thought you’d planned every inch of the wedding to come.. nails. They might not be at the top of your priorities, but why not dress up your fingertips a little. After all, everyone will be wanting close up snapshots of the rings. Studies have shown that when viewing a photograph of a ring, viewers will direct 48% of their gaze at the engagement and wedding ring - obvs - but 20% of their attention will be on your nails. So whether you’re looking for the perfect manicure for you engagement photos, hen party or the big day, here are the bridal nail trends we’re predicting will be big this year.

1. A Splash of Colour

This is a great option for today’s contemporary, alternative bride. Whether you’re keeping it old school with a white dress or changing things up a bit with bold and bright colours, a touch of colour to your nails is the perfect way to inject some personality into your wedding day look. We love how New York-based manicurists Paintbox keep things simple with their colour palettes and strong shapes, contrasting nude tones with bright and beautiful colours: minimal, not too fussy, but enough to add a little something to your look. If you're a after a touch of the ethereal, Imarni Nails tells us one of their favourite looks is to encapsulate tiny, real flowers in acrylic - perfect for a Spring or Midsummer wedding.

2. All That Glitters

When better to wear glitter than with your girls? Whether you’re maxing out on the sparkly stuff or are after a subtle touch, glitter is the ultimate nail art option for a hen do. If glitter seems a little much, a softer metallic sheen could be a great option. Elle of Paintbox told us, 'our brides are very into minimalist nail art with subtle glam touches – so a small gold bead at the base of the nail, a soft glitter ombre, a moon in gold foil.' The perfect way to enhance your shiny new engagement ring!

3. Striking Shapes

We see a lot of brides concerned with contemporary design, keeping lines crisp and detailing minimal. This is a look we love, because sometimes a refined approach equates to the ultimate beauty. From Mondrian-like shapes by London-based Imarni Nails, to the geometric patterns of The Illustrated Nail, this is one way to keep your nails super contemporary while they’re in the spotlight. As Paintbox let us know, it's all about 'classic shapes with subtle a glam spin'.

4. The New Nude

Nude nails are undoubtedly the most popular choice for brides on their wedding day: classic, simple and unobtrusive, you’re unlikely to regret keeping tones muted and classic when looking back at your wedding snaps. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with your nail art, as so perfectly demonstrated by The Illustrated Nail, adding white dots at the base of the nail for touch of drama, and by Paintbox, using a muted palette of detailing to complement nude nails, including metallic accents. Imarni Nails let us know that most clients ‘are now into subtle nail art, especially when it comes to their wedding day. The look they want to achieve is beautiful, sculpt nails with a scatter or silver leaf or a French fade out.'

5. The Marble Effect

You can’t visit many trendy Instagram accounts of social influencers without seeing marble featuring somewhere. Marble is in. And who’d have thought marble nails would be possible? Thanks to the dedication of nail artists all over the world, marble nails are totally possible, if not a little hard to do yourself. Leave this one to the professionals - Imarni Nails, based in Shoreditch’s Box Park are pretty pro at this one.

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