5 engagement rings that prove Carrie Bradshaw was wrong about yellow gold


If you’ve yet to catch up with the most ubiquitous show of the late ‘90s, Sex and the City, apologies for the spoiler. Those in the know will remember the iconic (and heartbreaking 💔) scene where Carrie Bradshaw vomits - yes, vomits - at the sight of the yellow gold engagement ring her long suffering beau, Aiden, chose for her. Why heartbreaking? Because the the ring was perfect - not least because of the deliciously warm, golden hue of the metal. 

To understand why yellow gold was ever ‘out’, it’s important to understand the zeitgeist of the 90s, which encouraged a love for simplicity, minimalism, and a rejection of anything too ‘flashy’ - instead favouring white gold and platinum. In the past decade, the story has been rewritten - thick gold hoops and gold layered necklaces have taken reign on some of the most style conscious women thanks to the guidance of style influencers, starlets like Kendall Jenner and high street brands like Missoma, a favourite of Meghan Markle.

We’ve long heralded yellow gold as the perfect choice of metal for anyone seeking a warming, flattering engagement ring. Yellow gold is ‘in’, and we don’t see it going anywhere. To make our point, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite yellow gold engagement rings that will stand the test of time (and leave Carrie Bradshaw questioning her life choices).


Yellow gold engagement rings:

flower halos

A flower halo is a timeless design with routes in the Victorian and Georgian eras. Typically, the flower halo rings would be set with brightly coloured gemstones to mimic the natural beauty of petals. With a certain antique edge, this a style that intrinsically suits yellow gold. Using all diamonds updates the look for an engagement ring style that will outshine any fleeting trend.

Yellow gold engagement rings:


If you’re an admirer of minimalist style, that doesn’t mean you have to snub yellow gold. In fact, the metal colour looks beautiful when simply set with one diamond. Check out solitaire engagement rings, from traditional settings like the 6 claw Fontaine to something a little more contemporary, like the rubover Darrieux setting.



Yellow gold engagement rings:


Near opposites on the colour wheel, yellow and golden tones are perfectly complemented by deep blues. When set in yellow gold, blue sapphires pop to maximise the full potential of their beauty. For something eye catching and out there, choose a boldly coloured sapphire engagement ring, set in yellow gold.

Yellow gold engagement rings:

Unique SHape Diamonds

Vox view the rise in the popularity of yellow gold engagement rings as a search for something different, explaining the choice is a ‘way for young couples to mix up the wedding jewelry they’ve come to view as conformist and unimaginative.’ If a unique engagement ring is what you’re craving, try an unusual diamond shape, such as a marquise, asscher cut, or even a hexagonal diamond. Get in touch with an expert gemmologist to help you source the unique diamond you’re after.



Yellow gold engagement rings:

Diamond Halos

Regardless of the colour of the centre stone your choose for your yellow gold engagement ring, the addition of a diamond halo can be a great way to keep the ring looking bright and sparkly. Platinum is often chosen as a preferable metal to keep diamonds looking bright and white - which you can still benefit from. Set the halo of your ring in platinum, and keep the shank yellow gold for the perfect compromise.

What Next?

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